July 25, 2007

Twitter all over Europe

Twitter has at least over 340 000 users with a public account (see this previous blogpost). These users are spread all over the world. I was able to find Twitter users in all European countries, except for Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City. If you look carefully, you will notice three white dots for these three countries on the map below.

The list of European countries on Wikipedia excluding all autonomous provinces, British overseas territories and British crown dependencies contains 45 countries. There are 9 countries in Europe with a population of less than a million people. The table below shows the number of Twitter accounts found in these 9 countries. Proportionally to the its population, Iceland has the most Twitter accounts, one Twitter account for each 9678 inhabitants.

Twitter has neglected to register the twitter domain names for the various top level domains in Europe. The majority of the European domain names - especially the commercially most interesting ones - are currently registered by other companies or indivual persons. They are perhaps expecting that Twitter.Inc one day will try to obtain (understand "buy") these domain names. If someone at Twitter.Inc is following this blog, they can perhaps still register the following European domain names (if they are quick enough) :
Twitter.al (Albania)
Twitter.ad (Andorra)
Twitter.by (Belarus)
Twitter.ba (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Twitter.bg (Bulgaria)
Twitter.hr (Croatia)
Twitter.ee (Estonia)
Twitter.fi (Finland)
Twitter.is (Iceland)
Twitter.ie (Ireland)
Twitter.mk (Macedonia)
Twitter.mt (Malta)
Twitter.md (Moldova)
Twitter.mc (Monaco)
Twitter.pt (Portugal)
Twitter.sm (San Marino)
Twitter.si (Slovenia)
Twitter.tr (Turkey)
Twitter.ua (Ukraine)
Twitter.va (Vatican City)


Anonymous said...

twitter.by already registered. there will be Belarussian community of Twitter

Anonymous said...

im so happy anyone gives a crap abou twitter in europe.This just proves how lame and dumb americans are

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