September 21, 2008

3 million Twitter users

On June 29, 2008 I wrote on this blog that Twitter reached 2 million users - according to Twitdir. Twitter has passed another milestone a few days ago, 3 million users. As Twitdir only "knows" Twitter users with a public profile, the actual number of Twitter users is higher, as discussed in this blogpost.

The growth of Twitter users follows an exponential curve - at least until now. If the same trend continues, 4 million will be reached around mid November. Around Christmas the 5 million mark will be reached. 6 million will be reached around mid January 2009 and 7 million around Mid February. Whatever the trend will be, I will continue to monitor this trend.

September 12, 2008

A few figures

It has been a while since the previous post on this blog. So let's restart with a few figures.

2 months, 2 weeks and 5 days
Time elapsed since the previous post on this blog

Number of full time employees at Twitter HQ, mentioned in post on Twitter blog

Percentage of male Twitterers, mentioned in Time

Availability of Twitter in August 2008 according to Pingdom

Number of Twitter users who have send a message since December 1st, 2007 (in a comment on previous post on this blog)

Number of Twurls already processed by Tweetburner (shortened URLs)

Number of Twitter users currently known to Twitdir

100 million
Registered users of Facebook, reported by ReadWriteWeb