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October 16, 2007

Twitter Top Lists

If you are looking for different top lists regarding Twitter users you have several possibilities.

The first site with top 100 lists was Twitterholic. Currently there is something wrong with this site, all Twitter users shown on the three lists (top 100 by followers, by friends and by updates) have 1 follower, 1 friend and 1 update.

Looking at the Twitterholic stats for the BBCWorld Twitter account, it looks like Twitterholic is experiencing the problems already for several weeks.

Another site where you can find top 100 lists is Twitdir. The full top 100 lists (followed, updaters, favouriters, followers) are not available as a single page, but you can browse thru these lists in groups of 5 Twitter users.

Top 150 lists can also be found at Twittown (followers, updates and following).

I have noticed that the lists at Twittown and Twitdir do not show the same Twitter accounts. Furthermore the quantitative data shown is not equal for some of the Twitter accounts.



The current available Twitter top lists from Twitdir and Twittown cannot be considered to be 100% reliable. I can think of only one site that has full access to complete and up to date statistics, namely Twitter Inc themselves. But they do not disclose this kind of information ...

June 5, 2007


TwitDir is a Twitter users directory, launched on May 24, 2007. TwitDir offers the possibility to perform a search on names of public Twitter accounts (both name as screen-name). In addition to this, TwitDir offers Top 20 lists : Top 20 followed, Top 20 updaters, Top 20 favouriters, Top 20 followers.

The TwitDir Top 20 lists look very similar to the Top 100 lists from Twitterholic. My first impression was that TwitDir did not add much compared to Twitterholic. It takes more time to load and it only shows 20 accounts. After a closer look I noticed several differences in the lists generated by both sites. The Top 100 lists from Twitterholic are far from complete. Let's have a look at the TwitDir and Twitterholic lists for number of followers and number of friends.

4 Twitter accounts from the TwitDir Top 20 followed are not listed in the Twitterholic Top 100 Followers. The number of followers according to TwitDir is always higher compared to the numbers of Twitterholic.

12 Twitter accounts from the TwitDir Top 20 followers are not listed in the Twitterholic top 100 Friends. The number of friends according to TwitDir is higher compared to the numbers of Twitterholic for 5 of the 8 accounts that appear in both lists.

Even Steven Jobs wondered a month ago why his Twitter account is not appearing on Twitterholic. It looks like that TwitDir is the best source of information for Twitter Top 20 lists.

TwitDir has launched a little game, they want us to guess how many public Twitter accounts there are. This number has to be greater than 120k according to one of the guesses. I created a Twitter account for testing two months ago. I haven't published anything on this account, there are no followers, nor did I add friends. I was really surprised to notice that TwitDir was able to find this account. TwitDir seems to have access to the complete list of Twitter accounts. I am really curious to know the number of Twitter accounts.