April 12, 2007

Mapping the Twitosphere

Several sites combine information from Twitter with maps.

GeoTwitter is a mashup that uses the Google Maps API and Twitter API. The most recent updates are fetched from Twitter's public timeline and mapped once every minute.

Twittervision is a real-time geographic visualisation of posts to Twitter. Messages from twitters with a location and an image defined that appear on Twitter's public timeline will appear on the map.

Twittermap is a fancy Web 2.0 Mash-Up created using Twitter's public timeline and the Google Maps API. For a given place on the world, TwitterMap shows twitters which recent messages located in the neighbourhoud of the given place. Twittermap even allows you to look up the location for a Twittername.

Twitter Atlas
Fresh Logic Studios have created a mashup of their Atlas product (based on Microsoft Virtual Earth) with Twitter's public timeline.

Twitterami announces itself as "twitter someone local to you - twitter + where am i = twitterami". It is Frappr service where twitters can add themselves. As of this writing about 140 twitters are listed.

Mibazaar is a mashup of the Twitter public timeline with Google Maps.

Twitter Earth
Twitter Earth is mashup written by Genexis Consulting of Twitter's public timeline with Microsoft Virtual Earth.

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