June 29, 2007

Rock Werchter Music Festival on Twitter

The Rock Werchter music festival, the biggest music festival in Belgium - my home country, started Thursday June 28, and will last until Sunday July 1. The Rock Werchter music festival has an impressive line-up including Beastie Boys, Björk, Faithless, Keane, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Muse, Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel and Tori Amos.

Several Twitter accounts have been created especially for the Rock Werchter music festival. People at the festival can get updates on their mobiles phones on what's happening where. People that were unable to buy a ticket or unable to attend for whatever reason can feel part of the atmosphere receiving updates in their prefered tool to read Twitter messages.

These are the Twitter accounts.
Werchter updates twitter.com/werchter

marquee twitter.com/marquee

mainstage werchter  twitter.com/mainstage

DSO Festivals twitter.com/dsofestivals

It is interesting to see where, when and how Twitter is being used.

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