October 14, 2008

BarackObama followers

Twitter User BarackObama has an incredible amount of followers. This Twitter account follows every Twitter user that follows BarackObama. Currently Twitter User BarackObama is following over 100,000 other Twitter users. A rough estimation of the number of Twitter messages per day per users can be made of two sources. Twiturly scans between 200,000 and 250,000 Twitter messages per day, TwitDir reports 3.18 million Twitters users. This leads to the following calculations.

Number of Twitter Users (TwitDir) : 3,183,544
Daily Twitter messages (Twiturly) : 200,000 - 250,000
Number of Twitter messages per day and user : 0,063 - 0,079
BarackObama followers : 101.350
Twitter messages from BarackObama followers per day : 6.367 - 7.959
Twitter messages from BarackObama followers per hour : 265 - 332
Twitter messages from BarackObama followers per minute : 4.4 - 5.5

It seems quite unlikely that Barack Obama himself would read all these Twitter messages. I even doubt it that a single person is capable of reading all these messages (5 per minute, 24 hours per day).


Scott Monty said...

It would be encouraging if even one message were responded to. Yes, Obama is a popular Twitter user, but he makes the same mistake that many companies have made (and that have been eviscerated by Twitter users for): namely, the one-way messaging of old media. There's no conversation here; it's just talking at people.

Joel Strellner said...

Please note that the counts that we provide are for Tweets *with URLs in them*, per day.

The actual number of tweets are likely 2-3 times higher that the number of URLs per day that we provide, but I am not sure exactly by how much.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen this music player (www.quuxplayer.com)? It's free and can post what you're listening to on twitter. Pretty cool.

obamauguration said...

You can follow the inauguration live on Twitter!!


cash money krew said...

i doubt thats even obamas real twitter account. probably all fake.

i doubt most of these politicians put their own tweets - their accounts are probably managed by interns.

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