January 8, 2009


Twinfluence was one of the first services offering metrics to quantify the influence of a Twitter user.

TwitterFriends goes a step further, by offering more metrics and additional information for individual Twitter users.

This is the list of metrics calculated by TwitterFriends.

  • Size of relevant net (outgoing) : Number of Twitter users, the submitted Twitter user replied to more than once the last 30 days
  • Size of relevant net (incoming) : Number of Twitter users that replied to the submitted Twitter user more than once within the last 30 days
  • Fans : Number of Twitter users that replied to guykawasaki within the last 30 days
  • Stickiness : Number of people who replied at least twice / total number of replying users
  • Twitter Rank : This is the position of the submitted Twitter user in the ranking of Twitterers receiving the most replies
  • Ratio of outgoing to incoming contacts
  • Overlap of outgoing and incoming net
  • Tweets sent / day 50 Average
  • Follow cost in milliscobles
  • Replies sent / day
  • Conversation Quotient (CQ) : Share of Tweets by the submitted Twitter user that were replies
  • Conversational Rank
  • Replies received / day
  • Links posted by the submitted Twitter / day
  • Link Quotient (LQ) : Share of Tweets by the submitted Twitter that included links
  • Replies with Links by the submitted Twitter user's friends / day
  • Link per friend
Six of these metrics are plotted on a graph, called TwitGraph. Below you can find printscreens of the results for two famous Twitter accounts : Barack Obama and Guy Kawasaki. Both graphs are quite differently. Guy Kawasaki engages actively in Twitter conversations. Barack Obama is the most followed user, but this Twitter user does not publish very often Twitter messages and this Twitter user does not reply to twitter messages of its followers.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post on Twitterfriends, be interesting to see how twitter stats services develop in 2009.

You might be interested to know that I'm fielding questions from @jkrums on his famous Flight 1549 photograph. You can ask him a question here: http://www.tinyurl.com/askjanis

It would be awesome if you could let your followers know about it. The more imaginative questions the better!



N Gibson said...

Thanks much for the good post. I will look into those services cause I'm trying to build my twinfluence.

Nate, a.k.a @softmaestro

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Great post! I enjoyed reading it!

Sanyo Seiki in Twitter

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