February 7, 2008


Twittermeter is one of these new launched Twitter tools. Twittermeter lets you query an index of all the words that have been sent to Twitter's public timeline since Twittermeter started gathering them on 6 November 2007 and plot the number of times that word was used over time.

Let's have a look at the results for "kerviel", the name of the French trader responsible for the loss of almost 5 billion EURO at Société Générale bank in France (see also this blogpost for the link between Kerviel and Twitter).

Comparing the results of Twittermeter with the number of Twitter messages found by Terraminds Twitter Search, I have the impression that Twittermeter is not capturing the same number of messages as found by Terraminds.

I do like the interface of Twittermeter. Let's hope that Twittermeter will soon index more messages from the Twitter public timeline.

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Greg said...

Thanks for noticing this app that I've been working on (on weekends). I definitely see the same problem - I can only ping twitter so often to grab the sentences and then parse them into their individual words. I'm working hard to figure out a way to make it faster and snatch up all of the messages.

Thanks again,

Greg [at] moltbedesigns [dot] com