May 15, 2008

1.5 million Twitter users

On this blog, I have been tracking the number of Twitter users reported by Twitdir. On April 28, I announced that Twitter passed the 1 million mark.

According to Twitdir, Twitter has currently over 1.5 million users. Over a period of a little bit more than two weeks Twitdir was capable of detecting 0.5 million users. This sudden increase in the number reported by Twitdir is probably due to a change in its algorithm, as announced on the Twitdir blog.

Who wants to make a guess when Twitter will reach the 2 million mark ?


Jeroen said...

I guess we'll reach 2 million users when they update their algorythm again ;)

Do you have an educated guess on the amount of Belgian or Dutch language audience on Twitter?

bvlg said...

Hi Jeroen,

Educated guesses :
Belgium : > 2000
The Netherlands : > 5500

These figures refer to Twitter accounts explicitely mentioning a location in their Twitter profiles.

Marcello del Bono said...

What a growth. Talking about educated estimates, any idea on the amount of italians and italian language audience on twitter. Where do you look fort this kind of statistics? said...

Pretty effective information, lots of thanks for the article.

Piotr Lak. said...

I read your blog really its informative