April 28, 2008

1 million Twitter users according to Twitdir

Twitdir finally reported more than 1 million Twitter users, see the screenshot below.

I have been tracking the number of Twitter users reported by Twitdir for a while.

On January 6, 2008, I predicted that Twitter would reach 1 million public uers before April 1, 2008. Around mid February it seemed that the Twitter user base was growing faster than I expected. In the beginning of March however the growth slowed down.

The author of Twitdir announced last week on the Twitdir blog a new algorithm to follow the growth of Twitter users. This lead to an increase in the speed of Twitter users detected, as can be seen from on the graph below.

The reported slown down (around March 2008) is probably due to the old algorithm of Twitdir and not caused by a slowdown in the number of new Twitter users.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any sense of how many of these accounts are inactive? E.g. haven't sent a tweet in a month or two, haven't logged in for the last month or two, etc.. The growth numbers are interesting but how sticky is the experience?

Laurent said...

I may have a explaination on why the growth slowed down. And I'm quite sure, it is because of our algorythm. I need to investigate, make some cleaning, and hopefully june figures may be closer to reality.

Guys @ TwitterFacts, thanks for your great job

Laurent @ TwitDir

Bruno Peeters said...

Hi Laurent,

thanks for passing by and for the explanation. And also big thanks for making the total number of Twitter accounts available on Twitdir.