April 25, 2008

Steve Ballmer on Facebook

Well, this post isn't about Twitter, but I'd like to share it with the readers of this blog.

Microsoft Belgium organized yesterday the Mix Essentials event, where Belgian developers and designers could get a glance at the offerings Microsoft presented at MIX08. During the Mix Essentials event, Microsoft organised a press conference with Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. Several bloggers were also invited at this press conference, including me. I had the opportunity to question Steve Ballmer on his experiences with social networks. A fellow blogger filmed my question and Steve Ballmer's answer - see the embedded movie below. Steve Ballmer confirmed that he has a "real" profile on Facebook, the one with the photo where he's hitting a golf ball. Steve Ballmer did not say anything on Twitter, not during the press conference and not during his keynote speech later that day. It seems to me extremely unlikely that he is behind one of the currently three Steve Ballmers accounts on Twitter.

The story that the real Steve Ballmer can be found on Facebook is currently making its tour on the Internet : e.g. ValleyWag and Reuters.

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