March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Twitter

The initial idea of Jack Dorsey that resulted in the development of Twitter is available on Flickr. This idea dates back to 2000, when Jack Dorsey signed up to Livejournal. The current wikipedia article on Twitter states that Twitter began as a research project in March 2006 at Odeo, a podcasting company.

The first tweets of some of the oldest Twitter users are still available. The first tweets were published on March 21, 2006, exactly 3 years ago. Happy Birthday Twitter.

Jack Dorsey, 12:50 PM Mar 21st, 2006 - Twitter Message number 20

Biz Stone, 12:51 PM Mar 21st, 2006 - Twitter Message number 21

noah, 1:00 PM Mar 21st, 2006 - Message number 22

Tony Stubblebine, 1:01 PM Mar 21st, 2006 - Message number 25

Evan Williams, 1:02 PM Mar 21st, 2006 - Message number 28

Dom Sagolla, 1:03 PM Mar 21st, 2006 - Message number 31

Tim Roberts, 1:08 PM Mar 21st, 2006 - Message number 36

rayreadyray, 3:40 PM Mar 21st, 2006 - Message number 70

ariel, 4:16 PM Mar 21st, 2006 - Message number 79


Laurel Papworth said...

hey great blog! ;)
Do you think that Twitter has about 6 million accounts and 3% of those are Australian? Or is wikipedia waaay out of date? Cheers @SilkCharm

Jonas said...

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Anonymous said...

How many Twitter accounts are there?

Rebeca said...

I hate myself as a twitter user, didn't know twitter birth date. I just became a twitter user before 1 month. I am unknown about so much twitter application. Can any one tell me about retweet.

evyatar said...

Happy B-Day !!!! Twt

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Micheal said...

it's really great.

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