May 2, 2007

The case for Twittter - The case against Twitter

Twitter is according to the FAQ a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives. Twitter is sometimes described as a microblogging tool. Twitter is lacking some of the functionalities you can find in other blogplatforms, e.g. comments, labels, categories or trackbacks to name only a few. But on the other hand Twitter offers several advantages.

The case for Twitter.
Why should someone who would like to blog use Twitter ?

  1. You have only 140 characters, you need to stick to the the essential.
  2. You can use Twitter on multiple platforms : web, windows, mac, mobile phone.
  3. Twitter is an open platform, with lots of tools available to post and to follow messages.
  4. Twitter is free. There is no need to register a URL. There is no need to look for a hosting company to host your blog.
The case against Twitter.
There are however several reasons not to choose Twitter.
  1. A lot of bloggers - including myself - do not want to limit a blog post to 140 characters.
  2. A Twitter message can only consist of characters. It cannot contain HTML code. It is not possible to post pictures, music or videos.
  3. Customisation of your Twitter page is limited, only the colours and a background image can be set.
  4. Twitter does not allow widgets on your personal page. E.g. it is not possible to put a counter on your Twitter page.
There are also arguments in favour of a combined approach, taking the best of both worlds. You can have a blog on one of the popular blogging platforms (, Livejournal, Movable Type, Typepad, Vox, Wordpress, ...) and you can have at the same time a Twitter account.
  1. Link your blog and your Twitter account. Put a Twitter badge on your blog let your blog readers know what you are doing today. Mention the URL of your blog in your Twitter profile.
  2. Add frequent readers and commenters of your blog as friends in Twitter. Build the community around your blog on Twitter.
  3. Inform your Twitter followers that you have written a new blogpost through a Twitter message.
  4. Ask for feedback about your blog on Twitter.
The verdict whether to use Twitter remains a personal decision. Either you like it and you start twittering. Or you dislike it and you stay away. As the userbase of Twitter is growing day by day, it seems that Twitter is here to stay.

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