May 9, 2007

Private Twitter Accounts visible in TwitterMap

There seems to be a bug in either TwitterMap or in Twitter that allows messages from private Twitter accounts (normally only visible to friends) to be shown op TwitterMap, TwitterVision and also TwitterSearch.

At least two Belgian Twitter accounts (clopin and pietel) switched several weeks ago from public to private. If you try to locate them using TwitterMap, their last message captured by TwitterMap appears. Either TwitterMap has access to private accounts, or messages from the accounts that been a while public but switched afterwards to private still appear in the Twitter public timeline.

I am curious if this behaviour has already been noticed by someone else ? If you switched your Twitter account from public to private it is perhaps interesting to have a look if your Twitter messages still appear on TwitterMap.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that my private twitter status is being displayed in one of my contact's Twitter badge