May 29, 2007

Twitterholic glitch

There seems to be a glitch at Twitterholic.

Twitterholic not only shows top 100 lists by number of friends, followers and updates, but it also shows detailed information for a Twitter user account. The page contains a graph showing the trend for the number of followers for the previous 30 days and a table showing for the last 30 days the number of followers, friends, updates and favorites.

At this moment date ranges for the graphs start from 03/18, 03/19 or 03/20 and end one month later. It seems that the graphs are not updated any more. This makes the page confusing because the (outdated) graph is not in sync with the (up to date) table below.

Bloggers have found last week another strange phenomenum at Twitterholic, surprising gains of thousands of new followers for some Twitter accounts. This problem was situated at and is solved. Also last week another problem concerning private Twitter accounts being visible in Twittervision and Twittermaps got a lot of publicity, although this problem (or a very similar) was also described in a blog post on this blog a few weeks ago. This problem was caused by Twittervision and is also solved by now (see explanation by the guys from Twitter themselves).

How long will it take for the next problem in Twitter or in one of the popular tools in the Twitter-world to get noticed ?

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Anonymous said...

Good catch. Fixed.