August 14, 2007

Twitter shares

Twitter is (not yet) listed on an official stockmarket. Virtual shares of Twitter are however already at two fantasy stockmarkets. Let's have a at the current values of the Twitter shares.

On Urladex, the number of hits per million users according to Alexa determines the potential price of the site's share. The screenshot below shows the info from Urladex for, including a graph from Alexa showing the daily reach for the last three months.

The current share price for on Urladex is $1,475.

Trendio is a stock exchange where words from the news are the stocks. The value of the words is calculated according to their presence in the media.

The current share price for on Trendio is $4.72, with an all time high of $10,30 and an all time low of 3.53.

Is there someone who has an idea of the value of the real Twitter shares ?

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