November 5, 2007

Twitter Trends

I just had a look at the information Google Trends presents for search argument "Twitter".

There is a sharp increase for search volume around March/April 2007, followed by a stabilization from June 2007. For news items there is also a sharp increase around March/April 2007. The volume of news shows however a declining trend.

Google Trends also presents interesting additional information.

Region : Japan and Taiwan on top, USA only in fourth place
Cities : top 4 locations in Japan, followed by Taipei, Taiwan, first US location is San Francisco
Languages : Japanese is by far the most frequently used language.

Does this indicate that Twitter is a big hit in Japan and Taiwan, and less successful in the USA ?

Compared to two rivals - Pownce and Jaiku (recently bought by Google) - Twitter is getting a higher search volume. Furthermore Google Trends does not report news items for Jaiku and Pownce. These observations from Google Trends indicate that Twitter could be far more popular than Pownce and Jaiku.


Brandon said...

Imagine the US increase if more teams could use it like this:

Nacho said...

Speaking of twitter and trends. There's a twitter tool I think you haven't reviewed here: Twist ( A google trends like tool for twitter.
It's really interesting since twitter is a real time blog and twist allows us to see a per hour graphic.
Really nice...

Matthew said...

I thought it would be worth adding to this incase anyone is searching for a bot to follow that posts the emerging twitter trends...

I created @tweet_trends which tweets based on hot topics coming from twitter.