November 7, 2007


Twitterposter's purpose is to visually represent the degree of influence that Twitter users have, where influence is measured as the number of followers.

There was initially only a global picture, afterwards several localized versions per country were launched : United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Taiwan, China, Netherlands, Mexico, Philippines, Argentina, Singapore.

Twitterposter - only launched very recently, the URL was registered on October 29, 2007 - got in a very short time a lot of attention in the blogosphere : 264 saves in - the first one only on November 1, 457 blog reactions according to Technorati, traffic rank 20,631 according to Alexa.

The reactions on Twitterposter are mixed. Some find it very interesting, other however are less positive.

Mashable : TwitterPoster: Useless But Cool : It is an interesting way to spend a few minutes, and survey who the heavy hitters are in the Twittersphere

TechCrunch : Twitter Poster Is Pretty, But Probably Not Much Else : It’s a pretty mashup, but the usefulness of it isn’t clear. I’ve already seen folks on Twitter talking about why some people have bigger profile pictures than others, and how they can change this, so it might have the potential of becoming a Technorati-style top list for Twitter users, but aside from this its just nice eye candy.

I have to agree, the pictures are pretty and their usefulness seems rather limited.

I see one major problem. The pictures are based on incomplete data, especially the pictures for the individuals countries. The least popular Twitter account on the Twitterposter picture for the Netherlands - containing 304 Dutch Twitter users - has four followers. In the state of the Dutch twitosphere published on this blog on August 22 I already reported that there were over 2000 Twitter accounts in the Netherlands. The 304th Twitter user in the Twitterfacts list compiled in August 2007 had already 30 followers ...


Sam Freedom said...

Whether or not Twitterposter is found to be useful or not, I appreciate your covering it. Because it gives others the opportunity to explore it and, perhaps, find ways of using it.

One way I would use it is to find the most popular people and "follow" their followers. Undoubtedly, about 25% of them will follow you in return. You can pick up 100s of followers this way and then a simple well-written headline regarding a new blog post can bring decent floods of traffic to your blog.

IF you have blogrush or any other topsites type directory, this can help run your blog to the top of the directories.

You hit the top of any directory, you get, perhaps, 100+ or more visitors, this drives you up in the other directories. And it just cascades and gets larger.

The end result is that X% will have signed up for your feed. It's the easiest way to grow a list I've ever seen. ;-)

I share info like this all the time. Stop by, I think you'll like this since you are the Twitter Facts blog:

Sam Freedoms Big Twitter Experiment and the Most Awkward Tweet Ever?
Further Exploitation Via Data Mining on Twitter

ps. I think Im going to work you into my next blog article for mentioning TwitterPoster despite its seeming uselessness.

bvlg said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for refering to my blog on your blog.

I also have a Twitter account. I am not looking for lots of other followers. From time to time I notice that people I do not know at all follow my Twitter account. Sometimes I even wonder why they want to follow my tweets. Not so long ago some people made it their hobby to collect stamps or other physical objects. I have the impression that there are now people who collect friends/connections/followers/... on the new social networks instead of the old physical objects ...